Movement Against Child Abuse


Ahmadi Killings Condemned’s-Chaudhry-Foundation,-a-Catholic-NGO,-slams-anti-Ahmadi-violence-31806.html


Peshawar Church Attack


Aasiya Bibi




Kot Radha Lynching Incident


Army Public School Attack 


Bishop Anthony Lobo


Justice Sought for Harbanspura Victim


Yohanabad Church Attack


Shama & Shehzad Children,-burnt-alive-by-Muslims-34716.html


My Awesome Journey; Michelle Chaudary


Sujag Faisalabad


Tallest Cross Karachi


Peshawar Skill Development Center,-victims-of-the-All-Saints-attack-34452.html#

Cecil and Iris Chaudry Foundation – Empowering Women in Peshawar


World Watch Monitor


CICF Questions The Ineffectiveness of NAP


Orange Line Train


Liaqat Masih Murder Condemned


CICF Education Center (Summer Camp),%E2%80%99-a-summer-camp-for-children-victimised-by-church-attacks-34854.html,-%E2%80%9CProject-Youhanabad%E2%80%9D:-un-campo-estivo-per-i-bambini-vittime-dell%E2%80%99attacco-alle-chiese-34854.html


FC College 23rd March


Bleeding The White in the flag


Gulshan Iqbal


Laal Band




Salman Taseer


11th August


Church Of Scotland


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Salman Taseer


Shahbaz Bhatti